Website Errors: What causes them?

Post on Apr 16, 2020

Having a website for your business is a handy tool in your economic arsenal. As we've covered in previous articles, it can be good for promoting your brand, your goods and services and reel in new customers 24 hours a day. They come in many shapes and sizes - from small recreational sites to big corporate ones - and have helped make the world even more efficient over the last couple of decades.

While they are very good to have in nearly all cases, there can be some situations where a website can have some problems. Some text and images might not be fitting right on a page, links aren't going where they should, and some sites might run slow - or even crash - while attempting to load. Today's article is going to look at some of the common causes of website errors.

The first and most common cause of website issues of all kinds is poor - or incorrect - coding. Websites live on code - devices such as computers and smartphones read this code and display it as it is written, controlling all manner of things such as the theming and location of elements such as images. If this code is written incorrectly, it can cause any - or in some cases, all - of these sections of a website to not operate as intended or crash entirely. There are a lot of errors that can stem from bad coding, so it is seen as a common cause of web crashes.

Some websites might not be as secure as others - and this can lead to malicious attacks being made to infiltrate the code of your site and cause it to crash. WordPress - one of the most popular content management systems in the world - is unfortunately prone to a lot of these types of attacks due to the software itself being open-source. However, if you have the right measures in place, you can prevent virus attacks from happening to your website.

Plugins and extensions can prove to be especially useful in improving the functionality of a website, but they can also be the cause of a website's problems. Plugins are not too dissimilar from apps you put on your phone - they are add-ons brought in from an outside source and installed on your website. However, unless these plugins are made by the same developer that made the website, you cannot always guarantee a 100% success rate with them. Sometimes they need updating, and if they are not, they can cause huge parts of your site to go down entirely.

The problems I have listed above are some of the more common causes of website crashes worldwide. However, that doesn't mean there won't be some more complex issues that need fixing. AB Web Developers has the skill and knowledge to delve deep into a website to determine what's causing a problem and fix it up in a flash. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your website get back on its feet.