The Pros and Cons of WordPress

Post on Jan 02, 2020

When thinking of how to go about making your website, you may have come across Content Management Systems (CMS) - which are used for creating content on your website. There are a lot of CMSs on the market, and it's always wise to compare the pros and cons of such systems. Today we'll look at the popular WordPress and what it does right and wrong.

First, let's look at the pros of WordPress. Since it's a software product that is used for many websites worldwide, there is a lot of content available to you right from the get-go. With tens of thousands of plugins, there is a high chance that there is something that you want for your site.

There are also a lot of different themes that are responsive - especially on mobile devices. All of this is packed together to cater towards a lot of different websites of different markets - and since WordPress is open source and free, it is easily able to be shared online.

However, a lot of these pros are double-edged swords that have cons - some of which are bigger than their respective pros. While WordPress is very popular, this also makes it a prime target for hackers to access your site or create plugins with hidden malicious code.

The themes - while looking nice - can often contain an unnecessarily large amount of generic code in them. This causes longer load times, meaning a slower loading website. It is always important to consistently install updates to your site, which can become annoying when left unmonitored but are necessary to avoid any security risks.

Due to WordPress' massive popularity, people often make the mistake that it only requires entry level knowledge of web design.  A high degree of coding knowledge of the coding language PHP is necessary to take full advantage of the system's capabilities and maintain a healthy website, and while some people may have the time to learn PHP, many business owners will not. Due to this, many turn to local agencies - but if those agencies don't have comprehensive PHP skills, it can leave your website vulnerable and ineffective.

There are definitely both positives and negatives that stem from WordPress, but in most cases it's better to be cautious before jumping right in. Most businesses don't have the time to spend at a computer learning the ins and outs of the system, and while the themes and plugins look nice the security risks aren't really worth it a lot of the time. There are a few other CMSs that provide better bases for websites - such as October CMS and BigCommerce.

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