The design of your website is more important than you may think

Post on Dec 05, 2019

So, you've decided that you want a website for your business - great! There are a lot of things to consider with how you want your website to operate, as well as what content you want on your website. But there's one other critical element that needs to be considered - what do you want your website to look like?

A lot of businesses put lower priority on design when compared to everything else but making sure your website also looks nice can make or break your new website in terms of user interaction. Yes, what actual information you have about your business is very important too, but if that information is shown on a boring-looking website then people won't be interested in sticking around.

One main reason is that a smartly designed website establishes brand recognition - something that is pivotal to making yourself stand out from other similar businesses. If an audience can see specific theming throughout a business's various outlets - including a website - then they are more likely to remember the business if they hear it again elsewhere.

Take the software behemoth company that is Microsoft's Windows. When you hear Windows, you're immediately able to think of their unique four-square logo. Dedicating enough time to thoroughly plan your website's design can help your business grow a similar - albeit initially smaller - brand recognition.

Another reason to carefully think about your site's design is the ever important first impression. I'm sure many of you know about this, but what a consumer first sees from a business will - in many cases - form impressions that will last a very long time. If your site looks too plain and simple it's easy for people to think of you and your business as similarly plain and simple - and even boring in some cases - which means they likely won't be sticking around. However, you can - with planning - envision a site with sleek and modern design choices, which will attract a lot more people who see your site and perceive you as a business more interested in pleasing their customers.

AB Web Developers is focused on delivering websites that have a similar focus - designed so that they can meet the needs of the business as well as their clientele. Our recent work on the revamped Harvey Fresh website shows what our talented team can do. Feel free to contact us to create a website for you that can help rocket your business ahead of the competitors.