Social media - standing out from the crowd

Post on Jan 23, 2020

The best way for any business to generate customer traffic is by engaging their audiences - and to do that, you need to find where your audience is. With the rapid rise of computers, the internet and the smartphone, social media has become a global hub for millions upon millions of people. Websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have amassed astronomical amounts of users in the past decade.

With so many people scrolling through these mediums every day, there's a lot of potential new customers that can be found. However, you need to make sure you do the right things to gain as much exposure as possible - let's talk about how that can be done.

First, you may be thinking "which social media platforms should I use?" While there are definitely ones that have many more users than others - namely the aforementioned Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - to achieve the largest outreach possible, the best thing to do is register as many social media accounts for your business as possible. The more avenues you can create towards your business, the more likely it is that people will be able to find you on a platform that they use.

One thing to consider with this, however, is that you should make as many social media accounts that you will be able to properly use and maintain. If you make an account only to leave it dormant with nothing on it, it may turn people off by thinking you don't utilise enough care with your business.

Once you've created your accounts, make sure to make them look as professional as possible. Again, if customers see your business' social media pages and they don't have nice looking pictures - or no pictures at all - it turns those customers off. First impressions are critical on social media - since users are constantly scrolling, you need to make sure your accounts and pages are able to catch the eye of your audiences so that they'll click on your page.

Now that you've got your accounts and pages set up, the next step is to start posting. The main goal from here is now the same as with any other method of communication - make sure you stand out and appeal to your targeted audience. One way to do this is to search up other accounts and pages in the same industry as your business and see what people are saying about them. By observing what your audience is talking about and interested in, you will be better equipped to make posts that you know will draw in the consumers you want.

Apart from initially attracting people to your pages, you also need to make sure to remain engaged with your audience. On social media, people's attention spans are shortened due to consuming so much content all at once - so you need to continue to engage your audience once you have it to make sure it continues to grow. The more people are talking with and about your business online, the more you will attract more users.

AB Web Developers understands that social media can be quite overwhelming at times - especially when starting out - and we're here to help. Get in touch with us to see what we can do to grow your business on social media.