Offshore outsourcing - does it do more harm than good?

Post on Jan 09, 2020

Businesses both big and small have had numerous tasks to do throughout their histories - and those businesses have at some point had some tasks that they aren't 100 per cent confident in doing themselves. In the event of such tasks popping up, one potential option that businesses sometimes turn to is outsourcing.

Outsourcing on its own is the practice of hiring a client - either an individual such as a freelancer or a company as a whole - to complete tasks or provide a service to a business in place of said business handling these tasks and services themselves. It was first discovered in the late 1980s, leading to a surge in the practice throughout the 1990s.

Outsourcing draws in many businesses and companies due to the lucrative and alluring benefits it provides - most prominently saving time and money. It can be cheaper to pay another business to provide a service that would normally require a staff member to be paid a salary to do - and purchasing goods from another company can save in-house production costs. With these parts of a business being handled by a separate entity, a business can then focus more on specific elements of their own operations that require more attention.

All these positives look very enticing, but it's important to not immediately jump on board - with a lot of positives, outsourcing comes with a slew of negatives. Typically, outsourcing means coming to some sort of agreement with another company or individual - with some of these agreements requiring a lot of time and care from both parties to maintain. When a business branches out and provides another entity with sensitive information, that information can be more vulnerable to attacks from hackers or other possible data breaches.

Above all else however, for any business to run smoothly, good communication is required. When businesses start outsourcing, communication immediately becomes more difficult - especially when it comes to offshore outsourcing, the practice of outsourcing to international companies. Certain businesses work in different time zones and use different communication methods, both of which can make for a very frustrating experience in the long term - potentially even leading to a less-than-desirable end product for you.

You may find yourself asking, "How do I get help with my website if I shouldn't outsource internationally?" Well, an option for you is to use a local agency. Sticking with a local agency for your services as opposed to offshore outsourcing provides a lot of benefits, too. With the experience of running through web development for a lot of other clients, an agency can help provide the essential pro tips and services that are sure to stand out to consumers. With a dedicated team full of many different skill sets, local agencies will be able to provide you with many different options for what you want for your website.

At AB Web Developers, we are dedicated to helping local business get on their feet in the online world. Contact us with your query and we can help create a website without all of the unnecessary miscommunication that comes from offshore outsourcing.