Making a web app? Make sure you have the right base

Post on Jan 16, 2020

When making a website, one element that garners discussion is that of web applications. Being able to store apps on a remote server that users can connect to simultaneously is extremely convenient and beneficial to businesses all over the globe. However, if you decide to have a web app, the other aspect that becomes important is what base you use for your app - better known as a platform.

In our last blog, we discussed the pros and cons of using WordPress as a framework - concluding that it's not the best platform for new website creators. In this blog, we will explain why WordPress shouldn't be the base you use for making your web applications.

Firstly, web applications can be complex to build - with having to contain a lot of functions capable of being used by many different users, most of them need to be. WordPress is indeed popular, but only for more simplistic websites and is ideal for blogs. It is still possible to make web apps in WordPress, but most software developers will find it more challenging to solve complex issues.

Secondly - once again, as we mentioned in our prior blog - plugins are used throughout WordPress websites. There are plugins available for a lot of different tasks for their sites, including web app building. However, these plugins aren't always 100% reliable and can sometimes even include dangerous code that can leave your website vulnerable. It's not completely full of unwanted code, of course - but thanks to WordPress being open source and used on a global scale, poorly written plugins can sneak through.

Finally, if you're wanting to make web applications, there are plenty of other frameworks that can be used instead of WordPress that can perform the job better. Such frameworks include Laravel and CakePHP - all of which are better for creating complex web applications than WordPress. Many web developers who build web applications have said on multiple occasions that WordPress is not recommended for this task and vehemently recommend other frameworks like the ones mentioned above.

In conclusion, having the right framework as a base is critical to any website, but especially for building web applications. The problem with using WordPress for web applications is that it is difficult to develop on, and can contain potentially poorly coded plugins that can fill your site with lots of unnecessary and harmful code.

If you're a business looking to break into the online space, all of this can seem quite convoluted - but AB Web Developers are here to help all of this be simpler for you. We can help build a web application that perfectly suits your needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.