Domain Names and First Impressions

Post on Mar 05, 2020

With the internet expanding more and more every day, it's important to have an online space of your own - whether it be for yourself or your business. One such way of doing this is by having your own website registered with your own domain name. Being a way to identify your website and make it easier to find and access for visitors, it's an important element of any website - but why is that? Let's investigate why your web domain name is a critical part of your presence online.

An immediate benefit to having your own domain name is recognition and visibility. If you created a website, having a domain such as "" looks much nicer than "" or "" - it's also easier for audiences to remember later down the line and adds a level of professionalism that makes others think higher of you. When your domain name looks neat and simple, it will certainly attract more visitors.

Further on the aspect of professionalism, having your own domain will also mean that you can set up your own email addresses using that domain name. Most people like to register personal email addresses on free services such as Outlook or Google, but - again - these can look unprofessional.

Comparing "" to "", you can see which of the two gives off a more businessy vibe. With most online business conversations being started by email these days, setting good first impressions with a nice email address is important - and having your own web domain lets you do just that.

When you have a domain name that matches your business' name, it will also improve your website's search engine optimisation (better known and referred to as SEO, which you can read up more on in our blog post here). A domain name that relates to what people are searching for is a critical part of getting your site recognised on search engines like Google and Bing, so having a custom domain name will boost your chances of appearing higher on consumers' searches.

Having a domain name of your own can also work for you in a way you wouldn't expect - it can help protect your business from imposters. It cannot be overstated how important it is to have good recognition online - again, first impressions are everything - and that starts by having the right domain name.

If a domain related to you or your business is owned by someone else, that can seriously hamper your ability to present yourself online without getting a few raised eyebrows. A website that looks like its related to you but doesn't contain anything related to you can confuse and deter potential customers, but with your own domain you won't have to worry about these potential miscommunication issues.

The name of your website's domain is so important to your success online - it can help boost your visibility, your credibility, your professionalism and your website traffic. Regardless of whether you're making a website alone or as part of a company, getting a custom web domain name is a great place to start.

At AB Web Developers, we can get your custom web domain registered with a name appropriate for you. Contact us today to get your new website started and take your first steps online with confidence.