Broken website - your business's silent killer

Post on Apr 13, 2018

Did you know a broken website is responsible for up to a 30% drop in your leads generation and customers conversion?

So, what is a broken website?

"A broken website is a website that fails to achieve any of those 3 business website's key elements: professionalism, branding and conversion" - AB Web Developers

There are many aspects of a broken website, including aesthetics and usability. A few examples of a broken website is:

  • A completely non-functional website (returns 404 or 500 error code)
  • Website that is (completely or partly) unviewable on mobile devices
  • Website that has links that go nowhere or buttons that do nothing
  • Website that returns or communicates things that a normal user can't understand

A broken website looks unprofessional

Let's face it, the art of winning customers is almost always about being professional, not just in the way you serve and treat your customers, but also in the way you present your products and services. It's 2016 and everybody knows about your business through your website: it is the very first thing that brings the idea of your professionalism to your customers' mind.

If your website is broken or not mobile-friendly, regardless of whether you know it or not (some errors can only be seen by users because they actually use the site), then you might want to answer this question: How could you take care of your customers when you can't even take care of your own website?

A broken website affects branding

If you own a business, you must know how important branding is and how hard it is to maintain and improve your business branding.

Knowing that branding is tricky, and you probably don't want your customers to associate your branding with "something not working". Don't let something as small as a broken button ruins it.

A broken website ruins conversion

As a core, websites are built to achieve conversion. A high conversion rate website is one that sells a lot, or acquire a lot more customers compared to its competitors.

Normally, conversion rate is measured by counting the numbers of actions happen for whatever activity we're tracking, usually by recording the "click event" on the call-to-action button. Now, imagine that the Register button in the signup page doesn't get to any page, or the Download eBook button doesn't work on Firefox, how annoying that can be to your customers? You can assume they will ring you to notify about the errors, but in reality, people would just ignore and never come back.

A broken website costs money

Apart from the money you spent on building the website in the first place, there are actually many other expenses that come along with it, such as maintaining the website or getting it out there.

Don't waste money on getting traction from multiple sources of traffic only to see half of your potential customers abadon the site in 10 seconds.

AB Web Developers to the rescue!

At AB Web Developers, we don't only focus on building websites or custom software, we fix things too!

Our Website Maintenance & Repairs service has helped hundred of businesses eliminate all the faults and errors on their websites by proactively searching for potential bugs and fix them.

Free Website Check-up - We offer free website check-up as part of our current promotion program for 2016. Please let us know you want your website free from bugs and errors.