Post on Mar 29, 2016

AB Web CMS is a content management system developed by AB Web Developers, built from its foundations and up as a simple, user-friendly system to manage your entire website. With AB Web CMS, you're in control of your content and what people see and experience when they visit your website.

Why did we build AB Web CMS?

The market for Content Management System is somewhat saturated with the number of CMS that exist on the Internet. Some of the famous products such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. have all been doing very well.

However, at AB Web Developers, we believe that our clients need something more customer-centric, faster, more managable and consume less time and overheads. We started off by tackling some of the contemporary issues of a modern CMS, such as speed and design. Built upon a light-weight code base and an effective caching system, AB Web CMS delivers content much faster than any other CMS available.

AB Web CMS is big enough to serve your needs of having a complete control over your websites, and is small enough to be speedy and flexible.

Tailored to win customers

AB Web CMS is made with an idea of pleasing your customers. Not only the CMS is speedy, but also makes your pages mobile-friendly and by default can be seen on any devices. It is also optimised for SEO so your content will easily get indexed by Google. 

Moreover, we have a range of custom plugins that are ready to plug into the CMS to help your customers get the most out of your websites.

With AB Web CMS, we have helped our clients generate sales and acquire more customers with their products and services.

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