Xada Promodata API Developer

Product management software to unleash your website's potential

Xada - Promodata API Integrator

Product management software to unleash your website's potential

Transform your website with Xada's promotional and branded products management software

Promodata in partnership with Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) provides the promotional industry with a data flow of supplier products. This streamlined data flow contains all product information and decorations options and is available now via an API to showcase on your website and online store.  Xada software has been purposely developed to manage supplier data feeds now available via the API.

Update thousands of promo products in seconds

Xada streamlines the process of managing supplier product data. The powerful cloud-based software has been developed to make the process of publishing promotional and branded products easy.

Advanced rules based automation

Xada features a powerful rules automation engine to apply a wide range of updates, including category assignment, make discontinued products hidden, apply pricing mark up and set RRPs.

Product data formatting efficiency

It's simple to configure and standardise product decoration options to support consistent formatting across your website. Xada can enhance browsing and quoting experience via a range of unique features to drive your B2B eCommerce strategy.

eCommerce customisation and integration

AB Web’s team has extensive experience across all the major eCommerce and website platforms, specialising in customisation services and system integration to drive automation within the B2B industry sectors.

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