Product Catalogue

Easily categorise and display your products online

Looking to showcase products on your website in a clean, functional and professional manner?

A Product Catalogue provides an easy way to achieve this, which is both user and admin friendly. A  robust, and versatile backend, provides ease of use, and efficiency for administrators; Whilst a clean, functional, and well-designed front-end leaves site-visitors with a positive professional impression.

Product Catalogues also include a powerful categorisation feature, which allows you to quickly and simply create categories for your products, and then assign products to those categories. One category can also be assigned to another category, allowing for a tiered structure to help visitors and admins alike with navigating to the right product.

This product is also compatible with our Page Media, making it very easy to add, modify and delete images from products, which are then displayed on the front-end which is visible to your site-visitors.

If you would like to showcase your products, items, or services in an easy to navigate, neat, clean and professional manner, then look no further. The Product Catalogue is for you.