Acusale (Acumman's Feature)

Launched 2015

The system is leaps and bounds better to use than the old system.
Steve Beckett
Managing Director

The Client

Acumman was founded by Steve Beckett of Project Air Conditioning Pty Ltd in the early 21st century to provide him with the resources to build businesses that were not only financially successful but allowed him, the business owner to achieve other life goals. Steve is currently developing another air conditioning business model to complement his two companies and also supports an independent company with the business process technology he has developed. As well as his air conditioning business interests Steve has a direct interest in business process system development for allied and other industries.

The Challange

AcuSale is the third of eight portals of Acumman. AcuSale is a virtual design, job costing and project management department rolled into one and which performs multi disciplinary functions by extracting technical and financial information and transforming it to market in a professionally accurate, competitive and profitable manner.

In order to achieve the desired goals, AcuSale has to work seamlessly with other components of Acumman such as AcuParm (Employee/Labour Management System), AcuServ (Service Jobs Management System) and AcuFile (Document Management System). Also should have an advanced and sophisticated interface to manage products, supplier and customer base.

The Solution

AcuSale is one of the main component of Acumman system. New quotes can be created instantly and Jobs will be automatically created upon accepting quote by customer.


  • Online Instant Quotation preparation
  • Has the intelligence to pick lowest cost products and parts based on supplier price and handling and transportation charges
  • Sales Products and Parts Pricing and Management
  • Suppliers Management
  • Purchase Order Management (Create, Edit, sent to suppliers)
  • Labor Cost calculation integrate with AcuParm (Employees and labour Management system of Acumman)
  • Customised and Personalised quotation letters
  • Facility to duplicate quotation and copy specifications across various quotations
  • Advanced Pricing/Profit calculation (individual specification and consolidated)
  • Print Preview and Summary of Quotations
  • Attach product brochures, floor-plans and other related documents
  • Validation on various stages to complete quotation with any missing components and errors.
  • Flip-book and PDF view feature
  • Secure access to quotations for
  • Clients Create Jobs from quotation and automatically create add items to Jobs and Purchase Orders
  • Intelligence to show the lowest cost suppliers and switch to most beneficial suppliers.
  • Create Multiple invoices and sent to clients.
  • Drag and Drop file uploads

Technical Specifications

  • We used the following frameworks to develop the application:
  • CakePHP for the functionality behind the scenes
  • Twitter Bootstrap for the layout and responsive design of the website
  • jQuery and AngularJS for the front-end functionality that provides seamless viewing of pages and scrolling lists, as well as swiping functionality
  • Integration with Third Party libraries:
  • Acumman is capable to seamlessly integrate with Mail Server and XERO Accounting System to manage communications, documents and Invoices

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