Acumman is a full featured Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP) system - a coherent web based knowledge management system with a matrix of integrated functions which streamline the business processes for a products and services or contracting type business. Acumman boasts a huge range of facilities for users, including but no limited to:

  • API integrations with Xero, Google Maps, Australian Business Registry and Supplier databases
  • Powerful estimating and quoting facility for Airconditioning product materials and labour costs
  • Job management and appointment scheduling
  • CRM and leads management tools
  • Contacts, Companies and Suppliers management database
  • Purchase Ordering and Invoice Generation facilities
  • Human Resources Management and recruitment tools
  • Timesheet entry system, annual leave applications
  • Asset Management System
  • Actual vs Estimated, Budget Forecasting, Job Cost Tracking and Creditor Invoices Reports
  • Power document management and storage system with OCR scanning
  • EDM emailing facility and contacts subscriptions
  • Staff access levels and permissions
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