BigCommerce Order Comments Generator

Add ability for customers to enter custom fields at checkout on Payment tab or when selecting certain payment methods.

BigCommerce's Checkout is optimised for quick and easy use - however, businesses like yours may need a bit more information from your customers when they go to pay. What happens when customer's are VIPs with their own membership codes? If you need purchase order numbers to be inputted, what can be done?

With our Order Comments Generator tool, customers can provide additional information about their order during the last step of the check-out and this information is saved permanently with their orders. We can also expand its capability to accommodate multiple questions/drop-downs/date/start-time and prevent customers from placing their order unless they've entered all the required information. The tool can also allow customers (or certain customer groups) to enter custom fields at checkout on Payment tab (e.g. Event Details, meta information) or when selecting certain payment methods (e.g. convert Money Order into Purchase Order with required Purchase Order field).

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