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  1. This referral promotion ( "AB Web Referrals"), is operated by Fara Holdings Pty Ltd ATF The Cafe Milan Trust t/a AB Web Developers (ABN 18 310 191 490) of 43/273 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6000.
  2. AB Web Developers reserves the right to reject any other Referral in the event that it determines, in its sole discretion that the Referral is not a suitable AB Web Developers customer.
  3. AB Web Developers will notify the referrer (‘you’) to confirm whether a Referral has been accepted or rejected.
  4. If your referral is accepted by AB Web Developers and is subsequently brought in as a new client, on acceptance of their quote of $500.00 (incl GST) or more, you will be entitled to receive a full year of free hosting to the maximum value of AUD$375.00 (inc GST) (the “Referral Payment”).
  5. If you already have paid hosting through AB Web Developers, the free year of hosting will commence immediately after this hosting period lapses.
  6. If you do not already have hosting through AB Web Developers, the period of validity for the commencement of the free year of hosting is 12 months from referral’s acceptance. Transferring of hosting to AB Web Developers is free of charge.
  7. You can refer AB Web as many times you like and receive an additional one year of hosting for each new referral that is accepted.
  8. If you are in a fiduciary relationship or a relationship of agency for the purposes of any applicable legislation relating to secret commissions with a party which you refer under this program, you undertake to disclose to that party the benefit which you may receive under this program prior to submitting these Referrals.
  9. Before submitting any Referral, you agree to comply and warrant that you have complied with any applicable requirements under The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act).
  10. AB Web Developers reserves the right to alter this Referral Program at any time, at its sole discretion, on a with-or-without notice basis.
  11. AB Web Developers reserves the right to notify a Referral that they have been referred by you and to inform a Referral about the Referral Payment.
  12. AB Web Developers disclaims any and all liability that you may incur from this Referral Program or related to this Referral Program. If there are any third party claims against AB Web Developers arising from this Referral Program, you shall fully indemnify AB Web Developers for any damages/costs it may incur, including but not limited to all legal fees.
  13. By submitting a Referral to AB Web Developers, you agree that you fully understand and agree to these terms and conditions governing the Referral Program.


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This is awesome guys – I'm blown away. Well done!

James Corbitt, Director
Summerstar Tourist Parks

I very carefully chose AB Web Developers to make sure it was someone I completely trusted to provide what we have asked for. They have provided things on time and has produced a system which we are really excited about and provides incredible efficiencies

Rachel Oakeley, Solicitor
Family Law Practitioners Association of WA

Wow what an improvement!!! Thanks AB Web for your work, it really lifts the profile of the association!

Anthea Lang, President
Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Inc

AB Web Developers have always offered fantastic customer service, which is why I have been a long term customer of AB Web. Ben in particular always goes above and beyond with any of my queries (most of them silly at times) and Simon is always very thorough with his explanation at explaining things. AB Web has a great team and I look forward to continue working with AB Web in the future.

Kym Double, Director
Perth Bridal Fair

That’s perfect! Many thanks for doing these changes so promptly.

Alda Ninasivinche, Owner/Director
Elle et Lui

Hi Andrew, we are very happy with everything! Job well done!

Rachael Ryan, Administration
Water Force WA

Thanks for your wonderful help. It has been great to work with you this year and you have helped us achieve awesome things with our sites!

Holly Brooker, Marketing Manager
Harvey Fresh

I just want to say thanks for your work on the Pairwise Research Software. It’s looking fantastic.

Dr Stephen Humphrey, Senior Lecturer
UWA - Pair-wise

The site looks great, thanks for your help - very pleased!

Elliot Woods, National Marketing Manager
Muzz Buzz Franchising Pty Ltd

The site looks fantastic! I honestly love the design and structure, and feel it's well-designed from a user and SEO perspective. Good job! :-)

Felicity Allen, Online Marketing Account Manager
White Chalk Road

Love the new interface and colour scheme. Well done. I am delighted with the design.

Steve Beckett, Manager
Project Airconditioning Pty Ltd

Excellent, all is looking great. Thanks a bunch for your help. 

Lorissa King, Sales & Marketing Development
Harvey River Estate

Thank you for your assistance - the services you have afforded us are always exemplary.

Simon Di Lallo, Director of Strategic Planning
Salon Express

Once again, thank you for your pleasant, prompt, friendly and efficient service. I’ll most definitely be in touch in the future to make more improvements on my website.

Karen Joesbury, Manager/Owner
Stockings Moda

I must say the work you’ve done is going to assist us immensely. I’ve looked at the system and it’s brilliant.

Christina Weatherstone, Administration Director

We've had a look, and it looks fantastic- even better than we could have imagined!

Christina Caithness, Business Manager
Complete Film Solutions

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